Spring 2021 Department of Biomedical Informatics Colloquium Series

Location: The Offices at Baum Room 407A/B

Date Time Presenter Affiliation Website Title
01/22/2021 11am - 12pm Han Liang, PhD University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center https://faculty.mdanderson.org/profiles/liang_han.html How AI helps address the challenge of big cancer genomic data?
01/29/2021 11am - 12pm Karl Broman, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison https://biostat.wiscweb.wisc.edu/staff/broman-karl/ Twenty Years of R/qtl: Developing, Maintaining, and Supporting Academic Software
02/05/2021 11am - 12pm David R. Crosslin, PhD University of Washington http://bime.uw.edu/faculty/david-crosslin/ The Implementation of Genetic Medicine
02/12/2021 11am - 12pm Shilpa Garg, PhD University of Copenhagen, Denmark https://www1.bio.ku.dk/english/staff/?pure=en/persons/708474 Advanced Computational Approaches for Understanding Complex Diseases
02/19/2021 11am - 12pm Ryan Mills, PhD University of Michigan Medical School https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/human-genetics/ryan-mills-phd New Technologies for Identifying and Characterizing Genomic Repetitive Elements
02/26/2021 11am - 12pm Curtis Huttenhower, PhD Harvard HT Chan School of Public Health https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/curtis-huttenhower/ Computational methods for microbiome epidemiology
03/05/2021 11am - 12pm Michael Schatz, PhD Johns Hopkins University https://www.cs.jhu.edu/faculty/michael-schatz/ Population-scale analysis of structural variants
03/12/2021 11am - 12pm Ying Lu, PhD Stanford University https://profiles.stanford.edu/ying-lu A Composite Endpoint Approach to Evaluate Treatment Benefits Based on Patient Preferences
03/19/2021 11am - 12pm M.T. Murali, PhD Virginia Tech https://bioinformatics.cs.vt.edu/~murali/ How to Build Regulatory Networks from Single-Cell Gene Expression Data
03/26/2021 11am - 12pm Mark Musen, MD, PhD Stanford University https://profiles.stanford.edu/mark-musen FAIR is foul and foul is FAIR: The challenge of ascertaining and ensuring the quality of online data
04/02/2021 11am - 12pm Manisha Desai, PhD Stanford University https://profiles.stanford.edu/manisha-desai Clinical Trials and Tribulations in a Global Pandemic
04/09/2021 11am - 12pm Christopher Horvat, MD University of Pittsburgh https://www.ccm.pitt.edu/node/258 Real World Data, Evidence and Reality in the Development of the Learning Health System
04/16/2021 11am - 12pm Rayid Ghani, PhD Carnegie Mellon University https://www.heinz.cmu.edu/faculty-research/profiles/ghani-rayid Doing Good with Data Science: Fairly and Equitably
04/23/2021 11am - 12pm Ben Raphael, PhD Princeton University https://lsi.princeton.edu/ben-raphael Quantifying Tumor Heterogeneity using Bulk, Single-cell, and Spatial Sequencing