Gene-Environment Interaction in Lipid Levels: A Multifaceted Informatics Puzzle

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M-184 VALE, 200 Meyran Avenue
Brian Shirts, MD, PhD
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University of Utah

Abstract: Over 90 genes have been identified that influence HDL, LDL, and/or triglyceride levels, which are known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but only a small portion of the heritability in the serum levels of these markers can be explained by these markers.  Dr. Shirts will explain different hypotheses about what may be responsible for this "missing heritability" and describe how a multifactorial hypothesis based informatics approach may help identify gene environment interactions that account for some of this "missing heritability."  Dr. Shirts will present several examples of this method for identifying gene-environment interaction which illustrate that a significant amount of heritability in lipid levels and possibly other complex traits might be accounted for by identifying other gene-environment interactions.