Transforming the medication regimen review process of high-risk drugs using a patient-centered telemedicine-based approach to prevent adverse drug events in the nursing home

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R18 HS024208

In response to PA-14-002, we are proposing to conduct a cluster-RCT for a period of a year, to determine the impact of patient-centered telemedicine-based high-risk medication regimen reviews on adverse drug event reduction in four nursing homes. The National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention identified, the nearly 16,000 NHs, as a clinical setting where adverse drug event prevention strategies are lacking for high- risk drug classes including anticoagulants, antidiabetic agents, and opioids. This study will correct a faulty retrospective 30-day medication regimen review process and provide a model for more frequent medication regimen reviews when residents are prescribed a high-risk drug during their stay to prevent ADE occurrence with the innovative use of patient-centered telemedicine technology.