MIDAS Informatics Services Group (ISG)

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Principal Investigator
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U24 GM110707
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08/01/2014 to 07/31/2019

The broad goal of the project is to catalyze research in infectious disease epidemiology and to improve the related practice of disease control. The project will use the methods of service-oriented architectures and ontologies to build an informatics infrastructure that will enable MIDAS researchers to develop larger and more complex models and larger and more capable systems. The project itself will use the same methods to develop an ontology-based information management system that will index datasets, publications, existing models, and computer-interpretable information—the ‘raw materials’ of modeling. The project will also employ informatics methods from the field of knowledge representation to construct a library of computer-interpretable information that can be re-used.  The re-use of information will enable the construction of potentially ecosystem-size models.