Semantic LAMHDI: Linking diseases to model organism resources

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Oregon Health Sciences University (NIH)
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1R24 OD011883
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09/01/2012 to 06/30/2016

Our understanding of human disease is vitally informed by the use of model systems to investigate disease mechanisms and therapies. Because identifying disease models is so critical, a significant effort has been made to connect researchers to potential models of disease by bringing together information about diseases and model organisms via gene orthology and pathway links in LAMHDI, the initiative to Link Animal Models to Human Disease portal ( However, LAMHDI is currently incomplete in that in vitro biological models are not yet included and one cannot identify model systems based on phenotype similarity to a human disease. Furthermore, there is no mechanism by which to prioritize the myriad of relationships between disease and their models, making both identification of candidate models and discovery of new relationships difficult. The goal of this work is to facilitate the identification of models for disease research, make better use of existing model organisms and in vitro resources and data about them, and provide the ability to uncover new relationships between disease, phenotypes and genes that will further our understanding of disease.