Presenter: Greg Cooper, MD, PhD
Presenter: Jinling Liu & Ryan Hausler
Presenter: Lauren Rost & Reza Dadashzadeh
Presenter: Qi Yan, PhD

Asthma is a major cause of healthcare costs in children, particularly in the high-risk subgroup, Puerto Ricans. We aim to identify susceptibility genes for asthma in Puerto Ricans. We conducted GWAS and EWAS of asthma. We also conducted mQTL, eQTL and eQTM analyses to test for association between the top SNPs and DNA methylation and gene expression in nasal epithelium. We identified multiple SNPs, CpG sites and expressed genes associated with asthma.

Presenter: No Colloquium
Presenter: Hatice Osmanbeyoglu, PhD

The process of matching pathway-targeted drugs to tumor mutational profile regardless of cancer type is critical in the development of targeted therapies.

Presenter: Sandra Kane-Gill, PharmD, MS, FCCM, FCCP

Purpose.   The aims of the project were to: (1) Evaluate the effect of pharmacist-led medication management service using patient-centered telemedicine on adverse drug events (ADE) for residents receiving high-risk drugs, and (2) Evaluate patient reported outcomes.

Presenter: Hosein Mohimani, PhD

Genomics studies revealed numerous antibiotics-encoding genes across a wide range of bacterial and fungal species, including various species in the human microbiome. However, little is known about the hundreds of antibiotics produced by microorganisms in the human, soil and other host-oriented/environmental microbiomes. Deep exploration of this meta-antibiome critically depends on a transition from the current one-off process of antibiotics analysis to a high-throughput antibiotics sequencing.

Presenter: Rita Singh, PhD

This talk will provide a glimpse into the emerging science of human profiling from voice. The human voice is a powerful bio-parametric indicator. It carries information that can be linked to the current (referring to the time of recording of the voice) physical, physiological, demographic, medical, environmental and myriad other bio-relevant characteristics of the speaker.